Comparion™ Suite

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Collaboration Software for Organizational Decision-Making

Comparion™ Core is a collaborative web-based application that enables teams to achieve alignment, buy-in, and confidence around important decisions.

With Comparion™ Core, you can combine the expertise and intuition of your team with quantitative information to provide valuable insights, explore what-if scenarios, and reach stakeholder consensus and understanding.


Comparion Workflow

Define GoalDefine the decision goal.

Structure DecisionDefine the objectives that relate to the goal and include the alternatives available.

Assign RolesLeverage the expertise of subject-matter specialists by assigning specific evaluation roles.

CollaborateCollaborate with your team in real-time or any time to prioritize objectives, evaluate alternatives, and incorporate quantitative data.

Choose Among OptionsSynthesize your team’s intuition and data and generate trade-offs and what-if scenarios. Use these outcomes to make better decisions with more alignment, buy-in, and confidence.

Comparion Suite is based on the .NET framework from Microsoft and supports Windows 2003 servers.

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