Project & Product Management

Align Project Selection Decisions with Strategic Objectives

In an environment of tightened funding, scarce resources, heightened corporate governance, and intensified global competition, an undisciplined approach to portfolio analysis is no longer viable. Most organizations are balancing dozens, even hundreds, of projects in progress at any given point. It is more crucial than ever to prioritize and fund only those initiatives that align with strategic objectives.

Without the means to prioritize competing initiatives effectively, your organization can be on time and on budget but still off target. Expert Choice software helps companies accurately measure their projects’ strategic value and find the best combination of projects given risks, costs and other dependencies. The net result is improved business performance and a greater ROI.

Expert Choice software:

  • Brings structure and measurement to your planning & budgeting process
  • Helps you determine strategic priorities and optimally allocates your resources
  • Communicates priorities and builds consensus
  • Documents and justifies your strategic decisions
  • Enables you to move forward quickly and confidently

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