Market Research & Insights

  • Do you need to better understand your customers’ requirements?
  • Is your team overloaded with too many “top” priorities?
  • Is it difficult to get marketing and engineering on the same page?
  • Are you wasting scarce product development resources on low priority requirements?

Expert Choice has the solution to help.

Whether you are using advanced methodologies like Voice of the Customer (VOC), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), or Kano Modeling, with Expert Choice you can quickly and effectively get to your customers’ needs, so that your team can focus on developing successful products and services.

Unlike traditional rating scales, Expert Choice uses a unique approach called “pairwise comparison” to discover customer needs – essentially asking customers to trade off between requirements or features. We then combine this paired comparison approach with customizable screening surveys to help you segment your customers into effective marketing groups, giving you deep insight about each unique market segment, something traditional survey methods cannot do.

Expert Choice’s Product Development Portfolio Solutions

Once you have taken the time to understand your customers’ needs clearly, you can continue to use Expert Choice’s solutions to help translate customer requirements into product features and design specifications. Using our EC11.5 product, you can cascade your product matrices from customer requirements to product features to design specifications and further. This new functionality has been expressly developed to satisfy the needs of our QFD and Six Sigma customers.

Using Expert Choice’s Portfolio Alignment solution, you can also manage product requirements in a portfolio. Our Resource Aligner allows your team to allocate scarce product development resources – whether people, money, or time – to achieve an optimal product development portfolio, ensuring you the best bang for the buck.

Cut your decision time from weeks to days, help your team reach consensus and truly hear the voice of your customer, all with a structured approach that is simple to follow. Move forward quickly with confidence.

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