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6 Guidelines for Structured Decision Making

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How distributed teams collaboratively solve complex problems in real-time

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Easy Collaboration for Organizational Decision-Making

Easy Collaboration for Organizational Decision-Making


Define Goal Define Goal
Use Comparion to define specific decision goals by taking into account your business demands and clearly communicate the decision goal to all the evaluation.


Structure Decision Structure Decision
Use Comparion to set objectives and provide alternatives that you want to evaluate against your objectives.


Assign Roles Assign Roles
Use Comparion to leverage the expertise of subject matter specialists in decision making by assigning them specific roles.


Collaborate Collaborate
Use Comparion to collaborate either real-time or anytime with your teas, partners and customers all across the world to gather their intuition and hand operational data.


Choose Among Options
Choose which options: Use Comparion to synthesize your team's intuition, and hard operational data easily. Generate many 'trade-off' and 'what if' scenarios. Use the outcome to make better decisions to meet your demands and implement decisions with more confidence.

Team Time™

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Get online with the simplest tool for establishing priorities — the fastest way to build consensus — the smartest way to find agreed upon execution steps. Join together teams from around the globe, across the country, or in your conference room. TeamTime TM is a web-based, real-time collaboration product for visualizing and agreeing on priorities, drilling down on areas of disagreement, and documenting key assumptions about why and how to get your work done. TeamTime TM is easy to use, intuitive for all participants — and best of all — your team members never have to leave their desk to join in a session (coffee not included).
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